Seven Movies Men Love

Seven Movies Men Love

What is it with those movies (there are hundreds of them) that resonate with men? They can watch ’em over and over and they seem to get better with each viewing.

In this video, I about seven movies that men love, why that is so, and why the world needs more of this kind of cinema.


  • We are in the middle of an unprecedented crisis an American and Western culture generally.
  • Names for this crisis include:  the masculinity crisis, the dearth of (or the death of) masculinity, the father wound, fatherlessness, etc.
  • Owing primarily to a widespread lack of strong fatherly models, there are certain stories that resonate with men.
  • The seven movies I chose are:

1. Chariots of Fire
2. Gran Torino
3. The Right Stuff
4. Braveheart
5. Gladiator
6. Saving Private Ryan
7. The Magnificent Seven

  • The secret sauce of these movies * The hero protagonists are all dangerous.
  • They’re all stories about men who want something badly and are prevented by unbelievable obstacles from getting what they want.
  • Masculinity is an arduous reality. No one says “be a woman.” Everyone says, “be a man.”
  • Real men are hard-headed and soft-hearted, not the other way around.
  • Each in their own way they exemplify the masculine leadership of Jesus Christ and his human father, St. Joseph.
  • We have remade St. Joseph into an octogenarian with a lilly and a cane
  • We have remade Jesus into a combination of Mr. Rogers and Barney, a Nice Guy who teaches us how to be Nice.
  • Men hate this.




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