105: Stanching the Church Bleed—Dr. Taylor Marshall

105: Stanching the Church Bleed—Dr. Taylor Marshall (free version)


Before we get too rah-rah about the “springtime for Christianity” and “the new evangelization,” we need to pay attention to the truth of things. On the ground. Right now. It’s grim. Each year, six times as many Catholics leave the Church as enter it.” By the age of 24, those that leave are already gone and invariably don’t come back. The reasons vary.

Dr. Taylor Marshall, founder of the New Saint Thomas Institute, has not only crunched the numbers but devised a practical solution to this ecclesial bleed out. It’s called Catholic Life Prep. Parents and their teen-aged kids now have a one-stop-shop resource that hits the problem of CFL (collegiate faith loss) head on and provides a massive counter-response of faith, reason, and evangelical passion. Do NOT miss this one.


In this episode you will learn:

  • The leading cause of young people losing the Faith
  • The historical context for the bleed-out
  • Why parents should not blame themselves (unless they shirked their duty to hand on the Faith)
  • The role of both natural law and Scripture to answer objections to the Catholic worldview
  • Why fathers are indispensable to the process of passing on the truths and the example of the Faith
  • What kinds of intellectual tools professors use to destroy students’ Christian faith and how to counter them


Resources recommended in this episode:


Question of the week

How do you account for the massive numbers of teens and young adults leaving the Church each year?



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