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Headed up by Patrick Coffin with the help of Tim Staples, Jimmy Akin, and Stephen Ray, this dynamic program invites non-Catholic Christians, people of other faiths, and atheists alike—to find answers to their questions about the oldest institution on earth—the Catholic Church.

In this powerful three-CD set you’ll hear questions and uniquely answers on a broad variety of topics, including:

  • why Catholics pray to Mary and the saints,
  • how God can know everything and yet still give us a free will,
  • what the Church teaches about birth control,
  • how the Church views the theory of evolution,
  • why Catholics believe in purgatory,
  • when and why the Church defined transubstantiation,
  • if Mary was ever-virgin, how Jesus could have “brothers,”
  • what happens to non-Catholics when they die,
  • why Roman Catholic priests and bishops can’t marry,
  • how the Catholic Bible is different from the Protestant Bible,
  • and much, much more.


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