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Canceled By Ignatius Press

In this video, I discuss getting canceled by Ignatius Press, the premier establishment Catholic publisher. Talking about certain ideas out loud will put you outside the Catholic Con Inc. but quick. This is where we are, folks.


👉Been banned or shadowbanned by Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube Facebook, and Kartra. Now Ignatius Press.

👉My name is scrubbed from an upcoming book due to the sin of collaborating with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò and his “extreme criticisms” of Vatican II, and his manner of “criticizing Pope Francis.”

👉His Excellency gave an outstanding keynote address at our Truth Over Fear Summit which is devoted to the Covid vaccine and its role in the Great Reset: www.restoretheculture.com

👉Archbishop Viganò is also a participant in our upcoming documentary GREATEST “The Greatest Reset,” and I have no doubt he will be prophetic, incisive, and relevant: www.greatestresetmovie.com

👉Ignatius Press cannot abide any criticism of Hans Urs von Balthasar’s thesis in his controversial book “Dare We Hope That All Men Might Be Saved,” or…as he could have called it, “Dare We Hope that Christ Was Just Bluffing About Hell.”

👉For many Conservative Catholics, the idea of pointing out the substantial anomalies surrounding the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI is totally forbidden, an absolute taboo.

👉I have never pretended to have all the answers but I certainly have no problem whatsoever initiating a difficult conversation that sheds an enormous amount of light on the current crisis of the Catholic Church caused by Francis the Merciful.

👉The founding editor of Ignatius Press is Father Joseph Fessio, SJ, whom I have also admired through the years for his unpopular stands in defense of Church teaching, for putting up with bad Jesuit superiors, and for putting out so many high-quality Catholic books.

👉In 1975, Father Fessio wrote a doctoral dissertation on the ecclesiology of Hans Urs Von Balthasar. His dissertation director was none other than then Professor Father Joseph Ratzinger.

👉Ignatius Press owns the rights to the English language translations of the books by Balthazar and Ratzinger, better formerly known as Pope Benedict XVI, now known as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

👉Father Fessio belongs to the same Jesuit Order Pope Francis belongs to.

👉A spirit of fear governs the majority of decisions by Catholic leaders. Lay staff and deacons are afraid of their pastors, and pastors are afraid of their Bishops, and Bishops are afraid of the nuncio, and the nuncio is afraid of Francis the Merciful. The same goes for the establishment boomer Catholic media.

👉Ignatius Press has no problem inviting celebrity Bishop Robert Barron to write the Foreword to a recent edition of “Dare We Hope That All Men Be Saved” by von Balthasar, a perennial bestseller.

👉Bishop Barron recently wrote a fabulously warm endorsement for Father James Martin, SJ, in which he described the highest-profile LGBT propagandist in the Catholic Church as “a winsome guide.” A sad sight from a formerly orthodox publisher.

👉It’s no sin to have these conversations and to explore any line of thinking that gets out the truth.

👉 Interview with Dr. Edmund Mazza, Is Benedict XVI Still the Pope?https://www.patrickcoffin.media/is-benedict-xvi-still-the-pope/

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The Greatest Reset—upcoming documentary

The Greatest Reset

This video is an extended trailer cut for the upcoming documentary The Greatest Reset, by interview subject Patrick Coffin, who was later brought on as a producer.
This is an extended version of a similar video Patrick did some weeks back. This one with more context related to the planned Great Reset—specifically on the compliance without which the planners will fail.
And fail they must


👉 The original context of the Stanley Milgram Experiments, by the Yale psychologist.
👉 Why the Milgram experiments help explain the willingness of human beings to accept the infliction of pain on others, as long as they have an out or excuse
👉 How the Experiments were constructed and executed
👉 How the estimated percentage of respondents willing to go all the way and administer a lethal dose of electricity was wildly underestimated
👉 Milgram’s decision to abandon going to Germany to repeat the same experiment
👉 Why this experiment explains both the compliance involved in not opposing the rise of Nazism and the compliance in mask-wearing and deadly vaccine taking


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👉Watch the “Obedience” documentary (1962) by Stanley Milgram on YouTube