#233: The Christian Answer to Woke Ideology—Noelle Mering

#233: The Christian Answer to Woke Ideology—Noelle Mering

Wokeism is everywhere: education, entertainment, politics, media, and even the military.  But the most pernicious location? The Christian community, including the Catholic hierarchy in the last few years. The Social Justice Warrior (SJW) mentality behind wokeism infects all strata of our culture, most disconcertingly in the very places you would expect to find the sanity of clarity.
Writer, wife, and mother of six Noelle Mering nails the truth about the whole woke enterprise with her new book Awake Not Woke: A Christian Response to the Cult of Progressive Ideology. It is truly a must-read.

Topics Covered

  • The originators, current players, and philosophical roots of wokeism
  • Why wokeism qualifies as a cult, with a creed, clergy, and code
  • How the woke ideology is an aping of the Christian faith
  • Why the SJW movement is a product of the 60s—the 1860s.
  • Examples of wokeism from pop culture, like the Frozen franchise, Trolls, The Croods, and Blues Clues
  • How all revolutions (sexual, political, cultural, educational, theological) are ultimately expressions of the devil’s rebellious cry of non-serviam
  • How Christians, especially parents, can spot the tentacles of wokeism in textbooks and other materials that come from Junior’s school and how to combat it

Resources Mentioned

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