The Coffin Report (Premium content)

The Coffin Report (Premium content)

The Coffin Report is a segment of Coffin Nation. This is a sample episode, normally published on www.coffinnation.com every other week. To join Coffin Nation get on the waiting list here: www.coffinnation.com.  Doors open in just a few weeks. Don’t miss it!

In this Coffin Report, we hit the following:

  • Mississippi Senator Angela Hill (R) got a bill passed in the MS legislature that would ban abortions after the heartbeat of the unborn baby is detected. Bravo!
  • Well, Mr. Ted McCarrick has finally been “reduced to the lay state” for his crimes and delicts. But since he appealed (he lost), what does that say about his attitude toward what he did? And why is “laicization” (so he canonically belongs to the same category as laymen)any kind of punishment, compared to the lives he wrecked and the bad actors he promoted in the priesthood and episcopacy?
  • This week, Pope Francis “refrocked” the 94-year-old former priest-poet Ernesto Cardenal, who defied the Church, even after a personal warning from St. John Paul II, to continue as a Minister in the Nicaraguan Sandinista (full-on Marxist) government. He was suspended a divinis in the 1980s and never cared to return to his priesthood, as late as 2017 going on record as being indifferent to the idea. Something must have changed, although no public repentance has come out. Strange times.
  • With the big sex abuse summit in Rome being led by Blaise Cardinal Cupich, who refuses to believe that 81% of victims being teen boys has nothing to do with homosexuality. The Pope himself has asked the faithful to deflate their expectations of the event. Easy to do.
  • Kevin Cardinal Farrell, who oversaw the massive pro-LGBT world meeting of families in Dublin this summer, was named papal camerlengo this week. It’s a very important role in the Catholic Church. If you don’t know what the duties of the camerlengo are, don’t worry. Neither does Cardinal Farrell.
  • Homosexual French author Frederic Martel has a new book that claims 80% of cardinals and archbishops in the Vatican are gay. How does he know? Why is this book coming out on the eve of the summit in Rome? And why does Pope Francis depicted so sympathetically?
  • Jussie Smollett, the actor no one has heard of before this week who starred in a show no one watches, has been lying all along about his “racist/homophobic hate crime.” We look at a new hate crime hoax map. Just wow.
  • Lesbian actress Ellen Page went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to emote, speechify, and virtue signal. Colbert provided pre-rehearsed eager support for what we now know was a pack of lies. Is it just me or does this story resemble the Covington teen story, where everyone fell over themselves to attack the teens before the facts came out?
  • This January-February is the worst Hollywood box office in eight years. No wonder.
  • Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as instituted a desperate policy to shore up the Hungarian population, which has been falling drastically in recent decades: just have four kids or more, and you pay no taxes—for life!
  •  I have a plan to get Andrew Cuomo excommunicated. It’s not what you think.




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