#249: The Coming Covid Technocracy—Dr. Douglas Farrow

#249: The Coming Covid Technocracy—Dr. Douglas Farrow

We see the absurd mask mandates, the arbitrary social distancing rules, and the forced vaccination campaign. But do we see the technocracy being built beneath and behind it? 

What forces are behind this global hoax, inflation of “deaths,” denial of vax injury and death, and general brainwashing? Why have so few joined forces to defeat this tyranny, and what theological questions does it raise? Learn from a top professor and cultural influencer.

In this Episode You Will Learn

  • How the conflation of Covid “cases” (which are falsely boosted) and actual Covid deaths have been used for fear propaganda
  • The meaning of technocracy and the signs of its tentacles
  • How the mask mandates were dress rehearsals for vax compliance
  • What will happen when the digitization of health arrives 
  • The Internet of Bodies and what it means for you
  • The many parallels with past totalitarian movements
  • How to spot a psyop

Resources Mentioned


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  1. Keep it up Patrick. I selectively give small amounts of money to people, modern day muckraker Catholics are at the top of my list. You are on my radar with Taylor Marshall and others who are not just educating our faith, but trying to defend it, our neighbor, our country and the world!

  2. I live in Quebec and this Prof. is right on the money!
    We have vaxx passports and the people have bought in to it hook, line and sinker!
    The once most Catholic Province now going down the dark side.
    The Quebec Premier threatened mandatory if people don’t step up! We are the most vaxxed province and yet….
    Many of us smelt a rat from 2020 elections and onwards.

  3. I have so needed this oasis of truth at PCM. Patrick, God. Less You and your mission.

    I’m afraid I fell away from the Catholic Church in. Arch of 2020. I have remained a loyal listener to your programs and your COVID summit
    . Keep spreading the truth – these are UNPRECEDENTED times!

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