#249: The Coming Covid Technocracy—Dr. Douglas Farrow

#249: The Coming Covid Technocracy—Dr. Douglas Farrow

We see the absurd mask mandates, the arbitrary social distancing rules, and the forced vaccination campaign. But do we see the technocracy being built beneath and behind it? 

What forces are behind this global hoax, inflation of “deaths,” denial of vax injury and death, and general brainwashing? Why have so few joined forces to defeat this tyranny, and what theological questions does it raise? Learn from a top professor and cultural influencer.

In this Episode You Will Learn

  • How the conflation of Covid “cases” (which are falsely boosted) and actual Covid deaths have been used for fear propaganda
  • The meaning of technocracy and the signs of its tentacles
  • How the mask mandates were dress rehearsals for vax compliance
  • What will happen when the digitization of health arrives 
  • The Internet of Bodies and what it means for you
  • The many parallels with past totalitarian movements
  • How to spot a psyop

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  1. Keep it up Patrick. I selectively give small amounts of money to people, modern day muckraker Catholics are at the top of my list. You are on my radar with Taylor Marshall and others who are not just educating our faith, but trying to defend it, our neighbor, our country and the world!

  2. I live in Quebec and this Prof. is right on the money!
    We have vaxx passports and the people have bought in to it hook, line and sinker!
    The once most Catholic Province now going down the dark side.
    The Quebec Premier threatened mandatory if people don’t step up! We are the most vaxxed province and yet….
    Many of us smelt a rat from 2020 elections and onwards.

  3. I have so needed this oasis of truth at PCM. Patrick, God. Less You and your mission.

    I’m afraid I fell away from the Catholic Church in. Arch of 2020. I have remained a loyal listener to your programs and your COVID summit
    . Keep spreading the truth – these are UNPRECEDENTED times!

  4. Friends,
    When are you going to realize Dr Fauci consulted with Dr. Ralph Baric at UNC at Chapel Hill looking for money?  Fauci has been documented to hire Wauhau lab for bio-weapon gain-of-function development with two $3 million grants.  Where did Baric locate the money ?

    The 60 plus years of global domination by Wall Street is well documented.  Wall Street access to embezzled funds from the U.S. government by the FEDERAL RESERVE FOR DUMMIES analysis is based upon the flow of funds from auctioned deficit spending Treasury securities tabulated in TreasuryDirect Institutional website.  Those funds are handled exclusively by FRBNY. Ref. 31 USC 375.3 .  If those funds went to the government, it would eliminate any increase in the National Debt and would not increase the value in circulation [inflation]. The money covertly goes to Wall Street as owners of the FRBOG, Inc.  All profit of the Fed belongs to the government by Charter stipulation.

    The pasted writing is a continuation of the remarkable anonymous Spartacus letter wherein he concludes Covid-19 has been a Globalist project. If you posted his writing, feel free to replace the address cited. The article appears to be suppressed. This writing is not copyrighted. Feel free to distribute.
    Olde Reb
    Greetings, Spartacus. You have exposed, with your considerable knowledge of virology, what few can see. Your I AM SPARTACUS essay posted at https://candidlyspeakingnet.files.wordpress.com/2021/09/covid-19-the-spartacus-letter-1.pdf makes an overwhelming damnation of the deliberate development of Covid-19 as a bio-weapon by financiers to implement a neo-Malthusian Great Reset resulting in monumental disruption of society. Thank you. Hopefully your analysis has not been suppressed by those who wish to remain incognito.

    Your analysis has concentrated on a narrow abusive use of the medical field with a brief nebulous mention of conspiratorial financial undertones. Let us continue this theme and add substance of known aggressive acts of political overreach.

    [ In passing, recent developments in Covid research, which compliment Spartacus’ medical conclusions, would list Dr. Robert Young’s lab analysis using a Transmission Electron Microscopy, an Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy, and Contrast Microscopy (and more) of the four covid vaccines. Young confirmed lethal material and a parasite in each vaccine. Ref. https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/transmission-electron-microscopy-reveals-graphene-oxide-in-cov-19-vaccines. Dr. Carrie Madej has in addition found colorful objects and strange animated (?) superconductors in the vaccines. Ref. https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2021/09/doctor-reveals-shocking-findings-in-vaccine-vials-after-lab-examination/. ]

    Globalism, with domination by a centralized world government, has had a lengthy history among conspiracy theorists. Carroll Quigley wrote as an insider in TRAGEDY AND HOPE of a vast organized covert body. David Rockefeller touted it as a Utopian dream in his MEMOIRS. Many other essays mentioning New World Order, Round Table, Bilderberg, Devos, Club of Rome, etc., are available. Today the concept is discussed as The Great Reset. Their concept “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” on a microcosm scale, is remarkable similar to a society of 1860 that was found to be unacceptable.

    To manifest such globalism would require nations to individually acquiesce territorial control to a higher authority or to be subdued by some means. Invasions have been found to cost money and take lives, however seizure by bankruptcy or by subterfuge can eliminate a lot of physical destruction and resistance.

    The pursuit of such a goal would rationally proceed cautiously one nation at a time. However, after a threshold of confidence and tolerance is acquired, the scenario could be accelerated. Covid, with an entire global theater, seems to be such a progression.

    Several writers have written of nations with imposed rulers attuned to United States aspirations.
    William Blum has documented use of U.S. resources to dominate nations in KILLING HOPE: CIA AND U.S. MILITARY INTERVENTIONS. Michel Chossudovsky has made a similar list in THE GLOBALISM OF POVERTY AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER. John Perkins in CONFESSIONS OF ECONOMIC HIT MAN, and in interviews, identifies Wall Street as using the IMF and WB to cover the above identified global conquests with installation of puppet rulers in controlled nations. The method frequently involves getting a nation to contract for an expensive project and then helping the nation go bankrupt. Control of the nation with exploitation of its natural resources follows.

    Other methods used by Wall Street to gain control of a nation have included sending CIA agent Kermit Roosevelt with two suitcases of cash into Iran in 1953 to hire locals, including ex-cons, and create civil disturbances. The coup overthrew the elected Mosaddegh and returned the tyrannical Shah to the peacock throne. The Wall Street oil moguls who planned and financed the action seized control of the nationalized British Petroleum oil fields as agreed in advance. It is claimed this became another MO for Wall Street.
    Considerable social chaos was evidenced during the 1960-70’s. Ref. https://ammo.com/articles/days-of-rage-left-wing-bombings-terrorism-america-1970s. Recent similar action involved Antifia and BLM. Douglas Valentine in CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME claims some of the civil disturbance methodology used by Wall Street is being seen in the USA.

    Foreign rulers, who frequently have been CIA agents groomed to be puppet rulers but developed nationalistic priorities and refuse to continue submission to Wall Street exploitation, such as Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Torrijos, bin Laden and Somoza among others have been removed by various other means utilizing U.S. government resources. Such disregard for international law has been broadened to justify a targeted individual who has exposed U.S. violation of international law of war engagement and is secluded in a foreign Ecuadorian embassy sanctuary is now a suitable target for assassination. The use of government agencies to enforce globalist goals such as evident from CIA and military enforcement of Wall Street aggression is justified as protecting the U,S. national security.

    Goldman Sachs with misrepresentations arranged a mere $3 billion loan for Greece so it could join the European Common Market. Exposure of the deception led to more loans. The loans escalated beyond Greece’s ability to service and the nation went into bankruptcy. Greece is now governed by Troika which includes the IMF [read Wall Street] and Sachs. Any government action requires approval of the Troika. They have seized pensions, private bank accounts, government assets, terminated government employees, and imposed poverty. Ref. https://rense.com/general90/salbu.htm. It appears the covid pandemic has offered a global opportunity for Wall Street to expand this mischief.

    The U.S. maintains 700-900 military installations throughout the world. Each base is a drain of UA taxfunds to assure foreign compliance with trade sanctions. Ref. https://quincyinst.org/report/drawdown-improving-u-s-and-global-security-through-military-base-closures-abroad/

    THE USE OF GOVERNMENT RESOURCES TO ENFORCE COMPLIANCE WITH WALL STREET DOMINATION in a foreign nation is one thing; it is quite another to alter an action within the United States.

    Covert Wall Street manipulation for various projects assumes reliance upon assistance from members of the Wall Street cabal. BlackRock, Vanguard, and the six mega-corporations have equity ownership of all MSM, hospital chains, universities, airlines, and other business firms. It is the MSM, hospitals, employers and government bureaucrats that have endlessly hyped the public to fear the covid panic. Any CEO who resists intimidation to hype the covid pandemic and demand their employees be jabbed, or their students be jabbed, can be quickly replaced. Imposition of destructive fines by embedded government minions results in compliance.
    A lack of prosecution of favored law-breaking bureaucrats, the screening for compliant nominations in advanced positions, the silence of any dissenters, and the persecution of visible outliers allows corruption to proliferate. Stephen Kinzer [THE BROTHERS] relates how Wall Street recruited their crony, Allen Dulles, to create the CIA so the nefarious acts of WS could be hidden behind ‘national security.’

    Note should be made of the attempted coup by Wall Street in the 1930’s to put General Smedley Butler in the White House was exposed by Butler in WAR IS A RACKET. The 90 years delay has not quelled Wall Street’s ambition.

    Robert Stinnett, with the aid of FOIA, was able to document the 17 month agenda of deliberate oppressive sanctions Wall Street and their crony, FDR, put on Japan to precipitate the “sneak’ attack on Pearl Harbor in DAY OF DECEIT. Wall Street feared the industrial competition of Japan and 3000 of America’s finest were the initial sacrifice.

    A similar action by Wall Street used Woodrow Wilson and the set-up HMS Lusitania. Wall Street loans to allies had to be protected from default. The Lusitania, a thinly disguised British warship laden with 600 tons of military explosives and passengers, was fair game for German submarines. The U.S. knew the Germans were aware of the targeted contraband shipment, but encouraged passengers to sail. The Lusitania was stripped of navel escort, ordered to reduce speed and to eliminate defensive maneuvering to save fuel as it entered waters known to be patrolled by submarines. It took 15 months to hype U.S. public support to enter WW I. War and social chaos is not a deterrent to Wall Street actions. Ref. http://www.atlanteanconspiracy.com/2008/08/lusitania-world-war-i.html.

    Communism has been said to be a Wall Street creation. Wall Street tycoon Jacob Schiff bragged that the $20 million he put into the Bolshevik Revolution was the cheapest revolution he ever funded. His reward was the 600 million gold rubles from the deposed czar’s hoard. A Soviet defector testified to congress in 1947 that if official responses were not timely received from Moscow, she had a Manhattan telephone number that would solve the problem. When Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was brought to the U.S. to tell us how terrible the USSR was, and he told his Columbia University audience that the USA was responsible for repeatedly rescuing the USSR from bankruptcy, his speaking tour was abruptly curtailed. FDR is alleged to have stripped the Pacific theater of military arms for the USSR to avoid a early collapse of Stalin to Hitler.

    There are voices that suggest Mao was rescued from the Mongolian caves to establish a communist rule by Wall Street while Chang was exiled to the island. Ref. WHILE YOU SLEPT by John Flynn; HOW THE FAR EAST WAS LOST by Anthony Kubek. Straw enemies are essential to gain public support for increased military spending and for war mongering.

    [QUESTION: The Constitution stipulates that an aggressive act of War can only be authorized by a Legislative action. Can the exercise of such authority properlybe transferred to give a tyrant Executive such authority ?]

    CONDUCTING AN ACTION WITHIN THE U.S. BY WALL STREET IS ONE THING; it is a completely different thing to surreptitiously modify or negate an official government action

    When JFK was found to have a background phone connection with Moscow to seek peace, he was labeled a traitor. Ref. JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE by James Duglas. Allen Dulles sabotaged the CIA’s Bay of Pigs invasion in an attempt to make JFK commit to an all-out U.S. was with Cuba, and JFK took the rap for the BP rout. Ref. Fletcher Prouty, JFK, THE CIA, THE TEAM. JFK’s vow to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces, and his distribution of debt-free U.S. Notes to replace Federal Reserve Notes, made him a marked man. Mark Lane [PLAUSIBLE DENIAL] relates to evidence admitted to a Miami District court by an ex-CIA agent of a convey of disgruntled Cuban Bay of Pigs veterans and trunks full of arms and costumes led by CIA agent Frank Sturgis who traveled to a Dallas motel. They were met by CIA agent E. Howard Hunt with an envelope full of cash the night before the hit. John Groden [HIGH TREASON] details the digital analysis of the open police microphone given to Congress that located gun fire locations at Dealey Plaza. They did not come from the book depository.

    Ike grounded the U-2 flights in preparation for the Paris Peace talks with Khrushchev. The CIA countermanded his order then sabotaged the dual-fueled U-2 unprecedented trans-USSR flight by Powers to disrupt the Paris meeting. Ref. Fletcher Prouty, THE SECRET TEAM. Wall Street cannot tolerate any non-hostile action.

    When President Nixon sent Kissinger to open China for trade, it destroyed Wall Street’s hostile image made in 1946. After Nixon visited China in 1972, he closed the CIA’s School at Leadville that was training Tibetans to invade China. The CIA retaliated with the deliberately bungled Watergate ‘burglary’ to plant fake evidence. The controlled MSM was called to do a hatchet job, Nixon ordered the Saturday Night Massacre of the CIA, and Nixon came out the loser. Ref; SILENT COUP, THE REMOVAL OF A PRESIDENT by Colodny and Gettlin.

    President Carter torpedoed a nuclear aircraft carrier. When he fired 700 CIA agents in the Halloween Massacre, the OCTOBER SURPRISE [authored by Barbara Honegger] plot was connived to prevent his reelection.

    Foreclosure of the USA by Wall Street has been identified from internal memos as “the ultimate goal” by Greg Palast. But how can a world-wide pandemic be used to further the pathological destruction envisioned by Spartacus ? Well. Wall Street has the IMF.


    In March 2020, when the pandemic was in infancy, the IMF offered credit to more than 100 nations for covid relief. 86 nations accepted the offer of loans with the condition that a lockdown would be imposed and the contract would remain secret. The planning of such a loan program was certainly something that took months of planning. The available and extended credits are now posted on the IMF website. More than $750 billion credit in SDR’s is available. Ref. https://www.imf.org/en/Topics/imf-and-covid19/COVID-Lending-Tracker.

    Initial loans are being expanded with future structuring to avoid congressional oversight. The requirement of a lockdown which will reduce tax revenue appears to make default inherent. The IMF will offer more than a trillion in SDR in 2021, in increments to avoid congressional oversight, to further set-the-hook for foreclosure. Ref. https://stateofthenation.co/?p=74206.

    Foreclosures wtll be a windfall for globalism.

    The IMF is a cover for Wall Street’s nefarious acts. The 15% minimum shareholder ownership of the IMF by Wall Street guarantees support for Wall Street programs. A negative vote will get no future money for the offending nation. The IMF has more than a 2800 metric tons of gold in various locations and was begging congress for more funds several years ago.

    [QUESTION: Vaccine analysis continues to add evidence of their lethal nature. At what point does a mandated inoculation become an unlawful requirement that the individual must commit suicide ?]


    Funds to assist in Wall Street’s cabal buying equity in private businesses by BlackRock, Vanguard, and for other globalist projects, is theorized to have been improper enrichment obtained through endless expansion of the national debt and the assistance of the Federal Reserve system. Ref. https://genzconservative.com/the-federal-reserve-for-dummies/#_ftn3. The current planned deficit spending by congress will be a colossal goldmine for Wall Street. Investigation of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s exclusive handling of government money in the Treasury security auction accounts is projected to reveal nefarious acts. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3. The accounts currently handle $14 trillion annually and have never been audited.

    The CRS misleads you to suggest an ‘audit’ has been made. They are referring to a ‘review’ of security provisions of a new FR digital form for submitting on-line auction bids as identified in the fine print. Congress, via the GAO, has standing to request an audit of any handling of government money such as from the sale of Treasury securities without additional legislation. All official records of the Federal Reserve are also subject to FOIA production. Ref. Bloomberg v. BOG, 601 F3d 143, 2010.

    To obtain credit on a government ledger for book-entry deficit spending [as maintained by the FRBNY as fiscal agent for the government], a deficit Treasury security must be conveyed to the Fed. That security, given as collateral, becomes the property of the Fed. It is a variable percentage of all Treasury securities auctioned to roll-over existing national debt; i.e., it is commingled with government money. TreasuryDirect Institutional tabulations list it as ‘new cash’. If that money went to the government, it would be the same flow of funds as a taxpayer paying a tax; i.e., from the public domain to the government. Such a flow would not create any new value in circulation [inflation] nor would it increase the national debt. Funds from the auctions of deficit Treasury securities obviously cannot go to the government. There is certainly no financial record that suggests otherwise.

    All disbursements of auction funds are exclusively handled by FRBNY. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3. The great bulk of the auction funds [about $14 trillion annually] are sent to select Primary Dealers for their task of collecting maturing securities. The deficit funds would appear to be profit, but all profit of the Fed belongs to the government by Charter stipulation. The destination of the daily $4 billion generated by deficit spending securities auctions is unknown. It cannot go to the government.
    Perhaps some day we will evidence where the money has gone.

    The Federal Reserve will handle the future foreclosure on the U.S. National Debt when rampant inflation that we see moving through Congress destroys the market for U.S. Treasuries. If Treasury securities cannot be sold, there are no funds to redeem maturing securities. Maturing securities have an enforceable claim on assets of the U.S. Government assets must be liquidated for funds. The Primary Dealers will buy Treasury securities for pennies in the market and demand face value during redemption from the Fed, as was the similar manner of the Greek foreclosure. Primary Dealers will be offering fire-sale value for available government assets.
    The wealth transfer to Wall Street will be enormous; the spread between the Haves and the Have-nots of the 1860’s will pale in comparison. But that is an issue for another day.

    Have a good day, Spartacus.

    Olde Reb

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