165: The Devil vs Rules for Discernment—Dan Burke (Free Version)

165: The Devil vs Rules for Discernment—Dan Burke (Free Version)

Dan Burke lives life literally on the edge of life. The author and former COO of EWTN News (and founder-director of the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation) has suffered many life-threatening maladies resulting in hospital trips, surgeries, and sundry set-backs.

He teaches the art and science of spiritual direction and appreciation of the Catholic mystical tradition for ordinary Catholics, including seminarians and priests. In a sense, Burke is on a mission to help people understand that the spiritual battle is real, and rages daily in and around us. How equipped are you for this battle?

In this episode you will learn

  • The gist of the (very wise and practical) Rules for Discernment taught by St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits
  • How child abuse at the hands of family members in Burke’s childhood gave him both a sensitivity to others’ pain and also conviction that demons can and do exploit such pain
  • Why practices like mindfulness, yoga, and centering prayer offer counterfeit remedies for our spiritual hunger
  • The three sources of inspiration
  • How the daily examen can change your life
  • What consolation and desolation mean and how to navigate both modes or experiences

Resources mentioned in this episode

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