#218: The Godfather of Red Pilling—G. Edward Griffin

#218: The Godfather of Red Pilling—G. Edward Griffin

Ever wonder about “secret societies” or have questions about the Bilderberg Group, or Davos, or the Illuminati—and then wonder if these are “conspiracy theory” nonsense? Do you ponder why the world is changing so quickly, seemingly overnight?

Author, filmmaker, and thought leader G. Edward Griffin has been red pilling people since the late 1960s, long before The Matrix came out. The 89-years young founder of Freedom Force International and Red Pill University sat down with me to talk Big Picture influences and take on some unquestioned presuppositions about things like the lockdown and the coming Covid-19 vaccine.

In this episode, you will learn

  • The basic history of the Federal Reserve and what’s wrong with it
  • How the real direction of history is determined by individuals and groups that transcend national governments
  • Why socialism and communism are subgroups of collectivism
  • Why fascism and communism are synonyms
  • How the illusion of freedom in voting and the assumption of the integrity of elections is a dream that has died hard
  • Whether cryptocurrency is a tool of the New World Order or its antidote
  • How the 1941 Frank Capra movie Meet John Doe provides a unique and prophetic template of what we are seeing today

Resources mentioned in this episode

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