#219: The “Great” “Reset” is Neither—Alex Newman

#219: The “Great” “Reset” is Neither—Alex Newman

Alex Newman is what is called a generalist specialist. The journalist, reporter, and president of Liberty Sentinel has contributed to a wide array of conservative publications and platform. (See the links at the bottom.) He sees clearly the devastation wrought by the forces of tyranny around the world but also in our back yard in America.

How do we approach the machinery behind and within the Great Reset? What can families do to get educated fast?

In this episode, you will learn

  • The players behind the Great Reset
  • How to spot collectivist word salad and propaganda
  • The importance of Catholics and Protestants and all men of good will banding together
  • Whether America is screwed or salvageable
  • Best books to devour to understand what’s going on (see list below)
  • The brief history of socialist incursions into US culture, starting with education

Resources mentioned in this episode

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