48: The Immortal In You—Michael Augros

48: The Immortal In You—Michael Augros

Arguments for God’s existence are all the rage, as Ed Feser exemplified well in the last two episodes. But what about us? What’s our nature as humans? Do we have a soul? How can we know that the soul is immortal and not just a few pounds of electric meat between our ears that produces cool experiences like a mythical God?

Very few modern thinkers are devoting a lot of time to the question of the soul and whether it’s immortal. Plato thought so, as it most Greek philosophers. Certainly the Bible affirms it. Dr. Michael Augros has written a new book called The Immortal In You. How Human Nature Is More Than Science Can Say. We talked about the finer points in my interview with him. You’ll learn a ton, as I did, about:


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Your own body-soul nature, made by God, destined for heaven, in peril of hell.
  • How to distinguish between what God reveals about the soul and what reason does
  • The difference between the body and the soul
  • How to argue with someone who thinks science is a magical truth-dispensing religion

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