44: The Las Vegas Massacre: Fate, Faith, and Facts—Tim Clemente

44: The Las Vegas Massacre: Fate, Faith, and Facts—Tim Clemente

This interview with counter-terrorism expert and former international FBI Special Agent Tim Clemente provides unique insights into the mass murder perpetrated by Stephen Paddock last Sunday.

Clemente has been a SWAT team sniper, a firearms expert, and was one of the first FBI agents on the scene after American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. He is now a Hollywood writer and producer (The Unit, Criminal Minds, NCIS: Los Angeles).

As a serious Catholic, Clemente’s analysis of the Vegas massacre brings a supernatural perspective to this kind of pure evil. Where other pundits opine about gun laws and conspiracy theories, in this interview you will hear a balanced understanding that doesn’t exclude the reality of faith.

Busy father of nine that he is, the interview was conducted from his pick-up truck during a break in some construction work for his mother-in-law.

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