110: The Man Behind the Viganò Letters—Marco Tosatti (Free Version)

110: The Man Behind the Viganò Letters—Marco Tosatti (Free Version)


Here it is, and here he is. Marco Tosatti has been covering the Holy See since 1981. His written work appears in La Stampa and La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana. Among his books are, The Prophecy of Fatima, and Investigation of the Holy Shroud. He blogs at www.marcotosatti.com.

He is also the trusted friend of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, whose public letters to Pope Francis indicting him for knowingly rehabilitating Uncle Ted McCarrick the Molester and calling for the Pope’s resignation. Very few people know the inside story of those letters and how they came to be. Until now.


In this episode you will learn

  • Who contacted whom about writing and publishing the letters
  • The context of the Letters and what they portend for a Catholic Church in crisis
  • How the Catholic Faith is perceived by the press in Europe vs in the United States
  • More details of the increasingly problematic papacy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio
  • The likelihood of any real reform or purification on the part of the February 2019 meetings in Rome about the sexual abuse crisis (clue: the pope appointed Cardinal Blase “rabbit hole” Cupich of Chicago to the organizing committee


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Question of the week: The men who have attacked the reputation and integrity of Archbishop Viganò are all listed in his letter as being promoted directly by Pope Francis. The men who have defended his character and called for a full investigation of the charges are all well known defenders of orthodoxy. In light of the fact that Archbishop had no hope of promotion, what does all this say about the probability that he is telling the truth?



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