#235: The Power of Actual Miracles: Part One—Adam Blai

#235: The Power of Actual Miracles: Part One—Adam Blai

In this two-part series with demonologist and author Adam Blai, we dig into the true nature of miracles. What is a miracle and what is a counterfeit? What criteria for miracles does the Church use when canonizing a Saint? And what about the stigmata?

We get into all of this and more. NB: the heart of the book is the true (and deeply unsettling) account of a female stigmatic who is known by Blai. Each Thursday at sundown, the convert and mother begin a mystical re-living of the Lord’s Passion, with Him and in some sense in Him. She bleeds at the classic bodily junctures (hands, feet, side, and head), which cause contusions, welts, and physical and emotional exhaustion.

It’s been happening every week for 15 years. And while this certainly falls under the category of private revelation and not binding on Catholics to believe, if this is all true, she will go down in history as the most profound instance of phenomena first documented in the case of St. Francis of Assisi (+1226AD).

In this Interview You Will Learn

  • The biblical record of miracles wrought by God in the Old Testament by figures like Moses and Elijah, and the New Testament by Jesus and the apostles
  • The definition of a miracle in the magisterium and the teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas
  • The role of miracles in our own life as motives of credibility for faith
  • Why Catholics should know more about the power of miracles as a mode of divine operation in our fallen world
  • Miraculous healings in the lives of the saints classic and modern
  • The miraculous phenomena of levitation, its meaning and (possible) purpose
  • Discerning fake faith healers from the real thing

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