The Secret History of Al-Qaeda—James Corbett

My guest James Corbett this week debunks official narratives for a living. His Corbett Report is a must-save source for alternative news and views. And in this episode of my podcast, James walks us through the true history of al-Qaeda, from the players to the multi-layered deceptions promoted via the American media, to the group’s nature and aims.

The Covid scam has got millions of people rethinking “official stories” promoted by the same cabal that gave us previous nonsensical, or outright false, events and interpretations thereon. This is a great conversation to share with your normie friends.

After this interview you will know:

👉The origin of the term Al-Qaeda
👉How double (and triple!) agents have operated as go-betweens in the “American” vs “Muslim” worlds with the obvious support of the United States military
👉The unlikely true story of triple agent par excellence Ali Mohammad
👉Why these terrorists keep successfully getting on airplanes, creating deadly havoc, and seem to get caught only very rarely
👉The backstory on the kingpin himself, Osama bin Laden, his rise to power and his ongoing influence.
👉The Washington/Hollywood connection in the world of “the war of terror”
👉How the creation of the Al-Qaeda myth is emblematic of many other media-created storylines fed to the public