144: The Sexual Roots of Identity Politics—Mary Eberstadt

144: The Sexual Roots of Identity Politics—Mary Eberstadt


How did the culture get so chaotic so quickly? Identity politics taints everything it touches; sexual minorities clamor for rights that didn’t exist five years ago; violence has replaced reason in public discourse.

How did we get here?

This is the gargantuan problem tackled by scholar and social critic Mary Eberstadt in her latest book, Primal Screams: How the Sexual Revolution Created Identity Politics. In light of the level of rage that has taken over public conversations, on and off line, how can we get traction with ideologues on the Left? Eberstadt says we must begin by listening and understanding.

Every once in a while, a set of vitally important ideas shows up in one place. This book is such a place.

In this episode you will learn

  • The nature and brief history of identity politics
  • Why identity politics have spread in tandem with the spread of the sexual revolution across the US and elsewhere
  • How the internet enabled globalism and vice versa
  • Why science will finally reveal the empirical  harm of pornography the way it did to nicotine
  • How birth control has radically altered the ecosystem
  • How the #MeToo movement reveals the breakdown of social learning
  • What couples and families can do starting now to turn the tide toward sexual and societal sanity

Resources mentioned in this episode

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Join the Conversation

In what way is a strong, or at least intact, family the best answer to identity politics?


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