The Truth About Color Revolutions

There comes a point where we have to realize that Walter Cronkite is dead and he’s not coming back.

The great thing about the invention of the modem is that it led to the decentralization of news media to the absolute Nth degree.

Topics Covered

  • Not only did the news media business expand from the Big Three of CBS ABC and NBC up to CNN and CNBC and Fox and the cable news explosion of the 1980s, but now, anyone with a camera and a laptop by definition becomes a Walter Cronkite.
  • It’s this dynamic, this relationship, between events that happened in the real world and the way they are filtered and manipulated by the media before getting consumed by you. Remember, the word media is Latin for “in-between,” of the middle.

Color revolutions are so-called because groups of aggrieved peoples gather together under a banner that is typically identified by a color,

– Yellow jackets of France (2019-2020)

– Georgia’s Rose Revolution (2003)

– Ukraine’s Orange Revolution (2004)

– Lebanon’s Cedar Revolution (2005)

– The yellow ribbons and flags in the Philippines (1980s)

– The ongoing green revolution of the Democrat party.

  • Ever wonder about the designation of red States and blue States?
  • Red is a color of conflict or danger. Our firetrucks are red and we say things like “red alert!”
  • Blue is a calming color,  waves are blue, the sky is blue, eyes are blue. Textbooks and school resources have tended to use blue for Republicans in part because blue was the color of the Union in the Civil War.
  • The media color revolution happened during the Bush-Gore election war of 2000.
  • From that time forward, a RED state is a conservative state, and a BLUE state is a liberal state.
  • It’s a leftist ploy to co-opt the natural symbol of trustworthy conservatism for political gain.
  • A color revolution happened in the Catholic Church, as well, before, during, and after the March 13th 2000 election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio to the papacy.
  • The world’s media have thrown every imaginable accolade and words of praise at one of their own.
  • Compare the perpetual abuse handed out to previous pontiffs to the glowing peons of praise given to the current occupant of the chair of Peter.  It’s astounding.
  • One thing’s for sure: the color of this Catholic/papal revolution is Pink.


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