The Truth About the Coronavirus Hype

The Truth About the Coronavirus Hype

The media meltdown over the Coronavirus is out of control.

At first, it was your typical sort of charming media hype that sells newspapers with zinger headlines, tailor-made for distracted media consumers like you and me.

But in the last few days it went from officially annoying to reckless and dangerous.

In this video, I summarize why the coronavirus is extremely unlikely to be the next Bubonic Plague Horror.

At this point we have no way of establishing it as a fact, but when something like this comes from out of the blue and dominates the headlines in such an intense way you have to wonder who’s behind it, and what other stories are being pushed off the front page to make room for this one.

They’ve even re-branded the condition Covid 19 which sounds more clinical-scary. The CDC has already begun to emphasize the virus that causes Covid-19 “SARS CoV2.”

Which sounds even more clinical-scary.

The title of a recent Rasmussen Poll was, “Americans Worry More About Coronavirus Despite Media Hype.”

Uh, no, Rasmussen people, they worry because of the media hype.

A recent CNN business poll found that 38% of Americans now will not buy Corona beer.

Pro tip: the virus cannot be caught from drinking beer.

That sounds extremely ominous. But did you know that over 3600 people died in a house fire last year?

That 3,500 people die each year in the US by drowning?

President Trump was roundly mocked for providing some perspective for this overblown hype monster during his press conference on Wednesday.

He pointed out that old-fashioned Asian flu — the regular kind of constantly changing viruses that some of you take shots for every year — kills from 25,000 to 69,000 Americans a year.

Every year, after every year, after every year.

As the French philosopher Rene Girard told us, human beings are imitation-based animals.

We want what other people want, and in this case, we fear what other people fear—and what “the authorities” tell us to fear.

Fear can be the enemy of reason, but it’s always the enemy of faith.

Read my apola-lips: Punch fear in the face.

Sure wash your hands, stop touching your face so much if it bothers you, stay away from Wuhan China, get plenty of rest, and take the mask off Fido. “Arf!” See, Fido’s happy now.

And live your life.



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