#217: They Came for Mike Lindell

#217: They Came for Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell is a graduate of the University of Hard Knocks. As Frank Sinatra sang in “That’s Life,” Lindell has “been down and out and over and under.” His support for President Trump has been unwavering, and it has certainly cost him. Day in, day out, he is lied about in the media.

His meeting (five minutes only, as it turned out) just before the slated inauguration date became famous in the media not for the evidence he presented to Donald Trump, but for the super close up photograph of his meeting notes. And now the hard left wants to destroy his business—the American success story of MyPillow. Hear from Mike Lindell directly in this frank conversation.

In this episode, you will learn

  • What really happened in that meeting, before, during and after
  • The tactics of the left against him and his business and why he will never back down
  • The reasons behind the boycott/dropping of MyPillow by big box stores
  • The real source of strength behind Lindell’s passion for America
  • His thoughts on moving forward in a time of massive election fraud
  • The role of faith in trusting in God’s plan, in His timing

Resources mentioned in this episode

  • MyPillow (coupon code PATRICK at check out gets you up to 66% off all his 100+ products, all US made) and a special offer on his book What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO
  • Episode 123 interview with Mike Lindell
  • Episode 176 interview with Mike Lindell

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