62: Transgenderism, Part One—with former trans Walt Heyer (1/4)

62: Transgenderism, Part One—with former trans Walt Heyer

Walt Heyer lived for seven years “with” a female identity named Laura Jensen, having undergone the full gender reassignment surgery as an adult male in his late 30s.

Full mutilation, hormone treatments, driver’s licence with legal name change. In other words, all in.

It took a few years, but the “Laura” persona cracked under the pressure of the real man beneath the mountain of lies, which induced alcoholism, and a suicide attempt. Walt underwent his second reassignment surgery over 15 years ago and has a profound cautionary tale and hard won wisdom to dispense for those with ears to hear.


In this episode, you will learn

  • The common myths sold as truths regarding transgenderism
  • Whether transgender surgery ever works in the long term
  • The textbook childhood traumas that typically induce gender dysphoria
  • How a secretive grandmother unwittingly helped destroy Walt’s life by dressing him in a purple chiffon dress at age four.
  • The way in which divine Providence used Walt’s pain to be a source of hope to others
  • How he left the dangerous confusions of the trans movement and found lasting peace.


Resources mentioned in this episode

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