#63: Resolving gender confusion—Hudson Byblow (2/4)

#63: Resolving gender confusion—Hudson Byblow (2/4)

This is part two of our four part series on transgenderism.

Hudson lived through a long, dark season of shame and sexual confusion.Early exposure to pornography, feeling inferior to his older brother, and other factors affecting his relationships led Hudson along a path toward gender confusion, an ingrained porn habit, and self-loathing.  

Years of drifting brought him to a moment of truth, a fundamental choice: to choose love and its demands, or give in to the lawlessness of lust?

In response, God poured out His grace and Hudson was restored to the peace and lasting joy that chastity brings. In this courageously transparent interview, he recalls the sorrow and shame that kept him in invisible chains, but pointing also to the insistent way Christ began to move in his heart and mind.

Today, Hudson Byblow is a sought-after speaker and consultant. His approach to same-sex attraction is fully in line with the teachings of the Church but it emphasizes the dimension of personal testimony and the importance of the lost art of listening.


In this episode, you will learn

  • Why the language we use when speaking with hurting or angry people with sexual wounds can make the difference between breakthrough and breakdown
  • How loneliness and self-rejection can fuel porn addiction
  • The psychological roots of cross-dressing and gender confusion
  • How a robust Catholic life provides the security and support for those with backgrounds like this
  • The power of telling your story, of being willing to summarize how God has worked in your life


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Question of the week: Why do we need to begin and end with kindness when it comes to speaking with people mired in gender confusion?

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