#231: The Truth Is Worth Fighting For

#231: The Truth Is Worth Fighting For

In this episode, I give the Before, the During, and the After of the banning—and reviving—of the Truth Over Fear summit, and provide some proper complaining about weak Catholic leadership in the midst of a global crisis. At no extra charge!

It’s bad, folks, but there are signs of hope.

Topics Covered

  • Last October 30-31, the first Truth Over Fear summit started it all: 24 outstanding speakers from seven different countries.  Why it was so successful.
  • The second Truth Over Fear (April 30-May 1) was rudely interrupted by the hosting company Kartra. Why it backfired and led to an even bigger revived summit one week later.
  • You know you’re being lied to on a massive scale when people from all across the religious and political Spectrum are aiming at the same target with the same passion for truth and the same commitment to perseverance.
  • Brief sample of speakers
  • Why Truth Over Fear delivers literally life-saving and life-changing information.
  • Proof that most of your friends on Facebook are wrong.
  • Anti-vaccination is not the same as pro-informed consent.
  • Unless you have both sides of the question clear in your mind you do not have informed consent. you are merely renting someone else’s opinions. And that’s not good enough.
  • Just in the province of Alberta in the last few weeks, we’ve been horrified to see the arrest of Pastor James Coates, Pastor Artur Pawlowski, and his brother David — who were stopped by armed officers in a convoy who forced him on his knees on the Rainy pavement. Then after services at Fairview Baptist, Calgary police came to Pastor Tim Stephens’ church and arrested him in front of his wife and crying children.
  • Where are the Catholic bishops in Alberta and across Canada? Is there really zero Catholic support for these courageous Christian leaders? What happened to the much-vaunted ecumenism we’ve been weaned on for the last 60 years?
  • These brave Christian leaders don’t have sacraments to defend but LOOK AT THEIR COURAGE
  • In my home province of Nova Scotia, all churches are still closed.  No deacon, no priest, and no bishop has complained, and only a tiny minority of the faithful raise their voices in protest.
  • Tyranny doesn’t happen overnight. It creeps in, drop by drop, inch by inch.
  • The mask is a proxy dress rehearsal for compliance.
  • If you don’t have the backbone enough to refuse the mask,  what are your chances of refusing the “vaccine”?
  • How the CDC and celebrity doctors jump up and immediately assure you that any death that happens within days or weeks of the covid vaccine is pure coincidence with absolutely no proof connecting them causally.

Join the fight against tyranny and the misuse of science for political control. Become a knowledgeable voice for truth and freedom.

The doors to Truth Over Fear: Covid-19 and the Great Reset are still open: www.restoretheculture.com

Register today and learn what the Bigs (Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Media) DO NOT want you to know.


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