197: Was Karl Marx Possessed?—Dr. Paul Kengor


197: Was Karl Marx Possessed?—Dr. Paul Kengor

We all know Karl Marx (1818—1883) taught devilish doctrines like communism, but is there any evidence he was possessed? Paul Kengor has amassed a substantial amount of historical and biographical evidence that this may have been the case.

In The Devil and Karl Marx, Kengor analyzes’ Marx’s own writings, his poetry, a demonic-style play, and examines the much-neglected unflattering (to say the least) behaviors and actions of the father of communism. 

Kengor also mentions names of current Marxist influencers. An exceptionally detailed treatment of one of the main diseases our culture suffers from.

In this episode you will learn

  • The context of Marx’s life and writings
  • How his family suffered terribly, the death of two of his daughters in a suicide pact with both their husbands
  • The diabolical themes in his writings and the disturbing effect he had on people in his close circle
  • First and second-generation communists applied his violence-infected tracts and manifestos
  • How Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen brought two high profile American communists into the Church: Bella Dodd, and Louis Budenz
  • The names and organizations of current neo-Marxist thought leaders

Resources mentioned in this episode

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