#239: Weak Bishops & “Calf Lick” Politicians— Michael Voris

Michael Voris leads a 60+ team at Church Militant, which grows by the week. There is no controversy, no taboo topic, and no deference to religious office for its own sake that Voris fears to confront. The four-time regional Emmy Award winner parlayed an education at Notre Dame and an STD degree from Rome online into a mighty Catholic lay apostolate. Don’t like his tone? “Boo-hoo,” he retorts.

In this Episode You Will Learn

  • The origin of the term “personally opposed but”
  • The dark influence of the late Robert Drinan, SJ, on the Kennedy family’s approach to abortion and other matters in politics
  • Why 1965 was a critical year for Catholics in America and how contraception led to abortion
  • How the post-Vatican II formation of bishops guided them along the path of shyness, mushiness, and almost infinite tolerance of heresy and dissent
  • Specifics of the crisis of eucharistic catechesis and the misplaced stress on “not weaponizing Jesus”
  • How the high proportion of homosexuals in Church leadership colors policy, direction (or lack thereof), and cover-up of sexual misdeeds

Resources Mentioned

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  1. Hi Patrick!!! Thank you for your voice and sense of humor!! I listen to you, Matt Fradd, Timothy Gordon (will NOT listen to Dave Gordon or Steph Gordon), Taylor Marshall, Michael Matt, Return to Tradition/Anthony Stine, and Michael Voris; also, Timothy Flanders with Kennedy Hall on Reason to be Catholic, and Reason & Theology. All you guys give me a different spin/perspective with outstanding critical thinking skills, so I can sharpen my discernment….I am responsible for salvation of my soul!! I am being called to be a prayer warrior and I MUST have great discernment to fulfill God’s Will for me as such. Thank you, Patrick!!!

  2. What?! Mel Gibson not canonically Catholic?! This is the first I’m hearing of this, and I wasn’t able to find anything on DDG about it. What’s your insight there?

    (Great chat with Michael, by the way)

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