Tired of watching the culture spiral down the drain?

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Tired of watching the culture spiral down the drain?

You often wonder about the direction our culture is heading, which taboo will be violated, or which leftist talking point will become law. You want to strengthen your marriage and deepen your faith. You wonder why there are zero orthodox Catholics in the mainstream media. You’re hungry for weapons with which to fight the dictatorship of relativism and its ugly cousin, indifferentism. You want to equip your high school child who will head off to college to sit in front of neo-Marxist professors. You’re confused about what Pope Francis just said, or is alleged to have said. You want to support a strong voice in the public square who talks about the teachings of Jesus Christ. You worry about the kind of legacy we are leaving our children.

Do you often ask yourself:

As the host of the top-rated Catholic radio show in America, Catholic Answers Live, for almost eight years, I debated and discussed the most important things in this life, and the next.  

Not only did I interview top leaders and influencers, more importantly I spoke with many thousands of ordinary people from around the world. The fact is, people of faith and of reason everywhere are deeply concerned about the crumbling of the great Judeo-Christian foundations that underpin America and the west.  

Political correctness has run amok, and new levels of confusion abound both in secularist news coverage and, more disturbingly, in some of the confusions and ambiguities issuing from the Holy See.  

I host a new online radio show (also on YouTube), The Patrick Coffin Show, which provides unfiltered commentary and interviews with sages and survivors of the culture war, people with expertise in restoring us to sanity. There are new confusions inside and outside the Church that behave like viruses, idea viruses. What is needed is clarity.

The war of ideas affects you

If we stop rendering unto God what is God’s, then Caesar becomes the only game in town. Which is very bad news. So we’re taking a side in the war of ideas over:  

  • The meaning of free speech
  • The value of freedom of religion (not merely “worship”)
  • The quality of movies and television content
  • The pandemic of pornography
  • The definition of marriage
  • The amnesia surrounding the great books
  • The historic relationship between Church and State
  • The moral environment we’re handing on to our children  


If you want a big picture perspective on the frenzied 24-7 news cycle, if you want to hear uncomfortable truths articulated, and if you seek serenity in the midst of the insanity...  

Then join our community, affectionately called Coffin Nation, a global online community of people, mostly Catholics (but we accept sinners of all stripes), who want to learn tactics and tools with which to defend their worldview against the leftist agenda that so prevalent today in:  

  • University campus settings  
  • Virtually every mainstream media outlet
  • The world of sports TV (watched ESPN lately?)  

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