What Else is Behind the Street Violence

What Else is Behind the Street Violence

In last week’s video, I talked about what’s really going on behind the street violence in the black lives matter protests, which have become excuses for looting and mayhem.
I’ve also been paying attention to what other people are saying about these protests and about the spirit of chaos that has been let loose in society.
In this video, I flesh out more of what’s behind the violence, and what is not behind it (hint: good fathers).

Points Covered

  • Trending on Twitter is complete BS
  • The Left runs out of arguments fast, reverting to calling people bad names.
  • Black conservatives have it worse in the bad name department: Candace Owens, Larry Elder, David J Harris Jr., Brandon Tatum, Sheriff David Clarke, Elliott Hulse, Diamond and Silk, the Hodge Twins, and Henry Davis for starters.
  • No surprise: the Rasmussen poll released Friday, June 5, found that President Donald Trump’s job approval rating among African American voters surged to a high of 41% in the wake of the rioting related to the death of George Floyd.
  • BLM is communism rebranded
  • Women cannot teach men how to be men. Even the greatest single super moms in the world—and they are truly my heroes—cannot impart masculinity to her sons.
  • Boys become men only through the example and mentorship of men. Full stop.
  • For political ends, the MSM exploits the simmering young male anger just beneath the surface.

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