#71: What Is a Real Man? Gordon Dalbey

#71: What Is a Real Man? Gordon Dalbey

I have been reading Rev. Dalbey’s books with great profit since the mid-90s. One of the first Christian leaders to address the crisis of masculinity, Dalbey has laid his hand on an urgent and increasingly obvious problem: men don’t know how to be men.

The source of the problem is multiform: the throwaway divorce culture, the failed Sexual Revolution, the epidemic of pornography, bad or non-existent modeling from one’s own father, and a sense of shame that gets covered over by excessive pride.

What is your relationship like with your father? How has it contributed to the man you are, for better or worse? Did your dad teach you how to pray? Talk to you about sex in a healthy way?

Do you struggle to be real—in all that that implies? How has a rules-based approach to religion insinuated itself into your relationship with Christ our Savior?

Gordon Dalbey has your back, and most probably understands your heart.


In this interview, you will learn:

  • How the enemy likes to foment confusion about manhood and masculine identity.
  • Why so many men fall for the false substitutes of portfolio size, power, and pornography, and how to find a way out
  • What the Bible says about the meaning of “male and female He made them” (Gen 5:2)
  • The ways in which the father, not the mother, instills and imparts male identity in young boys
  • The source of the war over “gender” and how to recognize the error at the heart of it
  • A way of renewing your faith in God as Father and Christ as divine Brother

Resources mentioned in this episode:


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How has the relationship with my dad affected how I experience God?


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