129: What is Salvation, Anyway?—Dr. Michael Barber

129: What is Salvation, Anyway?—Dr. Michael Barber


“Brother, are you saved?” is the question most Catholics are not comfortable hearing. In fact, Catholics tend not to talk about “being saved” or even “salvation” itself, even though the whole point of the incarnation of Christ is enshrined front and center in the Creed, “for us men and for our salvation….”

So what is it, and why do so few Catholics seem able or even interested in talking about it? It’s a curious thing. Catholics seem more likely to couch it in terms of “going to heaven” rather than “being saved” which sounds Protestant. Dr. Michael Barber, associate professor of sacred Scripture and theology at the Augustine Institute, sets the record straight in this fact-laden interview about the One Thing that matters in this life and the life to come.


In this episode you will learn

  • Why boldness is contagious and how you can reframe the way you think about “doing something” about abortion
  • How Rev. Hoye came to be arrested, and why he chose jail over an under-the-table deal that would require a guilty plea
  • Hoye’s insights into why contraception does not fit in the biblical framework of love and marriage and how it contributes to the abortion scourge
  • The reasons why Christian faith must be put into practice, when necessary in the public sphere
  • How he came to the point of forgiving the district attorney players, the abortion clinic director and the mob who lied about him and put him behind bars
  • Signs of hope that more and more young people are coming to see abortion as a violent, permanent solution to a temporary human problem.


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Food for Thought:

What is the number one reason why so few Catholics understand the basic message of salvation?


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