#215: What’s Wrong With Socialism?—Paul Skousen


#215: What’s Wrong With Socialism?—Paul Skousen

Socialism is all the rage with the Democrat Party constantly propagandizing about it usually with the friendly adjectives Democratic socialism.  This week’s guests has devoted his life to researching and understanding the roots of socialism and its intimate relationship with Communism. Paul Skousen is carrying on the educational legacy of his father, the late W. Cleon Skousen, a former FBI agent and historian.  Paul wrote The Naked Socialist, a brilliant and comprehensive summary of socialism, its history, major players, modern examples, and philosophical roots.  His definition?  “Socialism is the use of government force to control and change the people.”

In this episode, you will learn

  • The origins of socialism in ancient history
  • How the first Puritans tried and failed miserably to implement socialism
  • The seven pillars of socialism
  • The socialist and progressive ideas of Alexander Hamilton
  • The origins through Karl Marx of modern socialism and why it appeals to young people
  • The role of the Supreme Court in stopping or promoting socialism
  • How to answer basic objections by people of the woke mentality

Resources mentioned in this episode

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