#82: When (and why) Protestants become Catholic—Ken Hensley


#82: When (and why) Protestants become Catholic—Ken Hensley (video segment— full audio below)

Becoming a Catholic was hard for Ken Hensley. He fought an uphill battle against his own prejudices and presuppositions about Catholicism. His wife was not with him whatsoever, at least not in the beginning. His Baptist congregation elders met privately and stripped him of his ordination faculties. And he had no idea what to do or where to go next.

But he HAD met a fellow Protestant when he was investigating a graduate degree at Fuller Theological Seminary, by the name of Scott Hahn.

Fast forward to today, and, as a senior staffer with the Coming Home Network (founded by EWTN TV host Marcus Grodi) Ken works with dozens of Protestant clergymen, and some women leaders, as they navigate the at-times choppy waters of the Tiber River. Do I dare cross? Are the truths of the Catholic Church true? What will happen to my ministry if I become Catholic? My wife is dead set against me becoming Catholic, now what?

Ken knows all about these questions because they were his.

We talked about the reasons Protestants first become interested in Catholicism, the attitude they should have going forward, and the ways in which Catholics can help them through their struggles.


In this interview you will learn:

  • The mains reasons why Protestant clergy begin to take the Church’s truth claims seriously
  • The importance of studying the right sources, in addition to prayer
  • Influential converts and why their stories are important for Catholics to hear
  • How the principle of the so-called Reformation led to the current splinterization of Protestantism
  • How to distinguish false ecumenism from the real thing


Resources recommended in this episode:


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