172: Why St. Joseph Is Making a Comeback—Father Don Calloway (Free Version)

172: Why St. Joseph Is Making a Comeback—Father Don Calloway (Free Version)

The silly Sixties’ song “The Age of Aquarius” was wrong. It’s the Age of St. Joseph. Today more than ever does the universal Church need the example and intercessor of the foster father of Jesus Christ. Men, women, and children need the manly exemplar of human fatherhood, and the head of the Holy Family fits the bill in spades.

In the last 150 years, there has been more teaching, insights, and conclusions about the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary than in the previous 1900 years. Father Donald Calloway, MIC, has put everything you need to know about the role of St. Joseph in salvation history. You will be astonished, as I was, of how much you don’t know about the second greatest saint.

In this episode you will learn

  •  Why the early Church did not articulate the role and meaning of Saint Joseph
  • The recent history of Catholic teaching on this much misunderstood and under-appreciated saint
  • Why the present day can be called the Age of Saint Joseph
  • The meaning of personal consecration to St. Joseph (or the Blessed Mother) and why it’s not a magical guarantee of sanctity
  • The biblical in traditional roots of devotion to St Joseph
  • What the greatest Saints said about him
  • The difference St. Joseph can make in the Christian life
  • Why this devotion needs to become a worldwide movement

Resources mentioned in this episode

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