#241: Why Was the Latin Mass Really Attacked? —Dr. Janet Smith

#241: Why Was the Latin Mass Really Attacked? —Dr. Janet Smith

Professor Janet Smith is the leading English language expert on Humanae Vitae and a renowned writer and speaker. She has never considered herself a “Traditionalist” but has come to love the Extraordinary Form Traditional Latin Mass.  Recently retired as a professor from the Sacred Heart major seminary in Detroit she has some vital insights into the July 16, 2021 motu proprio Traditionis Custodes.

You’re not going to hear this line of thinking anywhere else.

In this Episode You Will Learn

  • The odd timing of the motu proprio
  •  Some reasons why the Traditional Latin Mass is the antithesis of the goals of this  papacy
  • The red pilling process that takes place when you begin to attend the Latin Mass
  • Beginner’s suggestions for the Latin Mass
  • Why the motu proprio represents the attempt at a full break from sacred Tradition
  • The hard position into which lay people are put and how to move forward
  • Proof that the attack on Tradition began under Paul VI

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  1. In October of 2019, Bp Emeritus Gracida of Corpus Christi explained to me that by our Baptisms we have not only the right but the duty to request an examination of the evidence starting with Pope Benedict XVI’s Declaratio of Feb 11, 2013. Munus is not ministerium. Please comment yourself, Mr Coffin, and ask Dr Smith to weigh in as well on this documentary from June 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A30NvrOLLpw&t=388s

    I do not make an official examination or announcement. By right and duty of my Baptism I request an official examination of the evidence.

    Consider that not only have we had bad popes before, we have also had anti-popes before. Their anti-popeness had nothing to do with their goodness or badness.

  2. Was this all a huge surprise ? Not really, when you read between the lines of vatican-speak . It was actually announced last summer 2020 , I believe, that the Holy Father intended to send an investigative commission in particular to the United States in order to ascertain the application of B 16’s motu propio placing the Latin Mass under a renewed level of church protection or encouragement. That statement from a year ago announced clearly the coming storm. It was a warning shot, for sure….to say that the noteworthy growth in Latin Mass communities especially in America was on the Vatican radar screen !
    Indeed America is being called to witness , testimony and leadership on a world level right now in order to :
    defend faith, defend family, defend freedom ….on all levels , whether that be in the world or in the church. There is a prophecy that says America will in fact separate herself from Rome for a time, so that she may WITNESS TO THE TRUTH and thus be faithful to John 18: 37. It seems to me that we see this happening right now on both levels:
    in the world ,concerning health-care totalitarianism and in the church, concerning the liturgy.

  3. PS-
    I want to rebound on what Dr Janet Smith says about VERITATIS SPLENDOR around the one hour mark of your interview : everyone should read it. No. Everyone MUST read it right now in order to understand that the TRUTH is the essential concept we are ALL defending right now, and that witness must be like Our Lords’ testimony….even unto death !!! Why is this so, at this Hour of Decision ? Because we are presently living the prophecy of 2 Thessalonians 2 : God is permitting a massive deception upon the face of the earth ( both world and church) in order to TEST OUR LOVE OF THE TRUTH. We are all living John 18 :37 , as the Mystical Body must follow in Our Lord’s footsteps.
    Thank you so much Patrick for all you are doing for us… you are a precious lamp shining in the darkness !

  4. Very informative thank you for sharing and giving discussions , clarity and proofs of what I have suspected for along time has been going on in the Church… the Trojan Horse within the city of God!

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