Can You Stay Catholic in College?

Can You Stay Catholic in College?

In this video, I talk about one of the best, or at least most common, places to lose your Catholic faith…

Points Covered

  • In this video, I look at the historical event that led to the breakdown of reliable Catholic higher education: the 1967 Land o’ Lakes statement, headed by Father Ted Hesburgh, CSC, the late longtime President of Notre Dame University.
  • Another high-profile signatory was then Father Theodore McCarrick now known as Uncle Ted the Molester the highest-ranking homosexual predator in US Catholic Church history
  • Oddly, another signatory of the land of lakes statement was a guy called John Cogley, a leftist scholar representing the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. It’s not quite clear what he was doing there at all, except that he was a celebrated innerlekshuk.
  • He had been religion editor of “The New York Times” and was a ghostwriter of John F. Kennedy’s infamous 1960 speech to Houston Baptists in which he basically promised to be a bad Catholic and to never violate the sacred dogma of the separation of church and state. Cogley later dissented from “Humanae Vitae” and ended up becoming an Episcopalian
  • Universities have become bad idea factories.
  • Young Christian freshman walk in the front doors and they have no idea that for the next four years or so they are going to be propagandized day and night by a consistent set of isms, beyond the obvious threat to faith posed by atheism


Here are five examples

RELATIVISM, which was described as a dictatorship by then Pope Benedict XVI…

SCIENTISM, which is a Corruption of the scientific method that assumes that science alone is the Arbiter of Ultimate Reality…

MATERIALISM, which presupposes that matter is the Ultimate Reality and therefore there is no God, no angels, and no soul…

FEMINISM, which is a hatred of femininity and a frontal attack on the institution of marriage and on men in general.

SKEPTICISM, especially in it’s radical form, is a popular product sold by colleges and universities. You’re supposed to doubt everything and everyone and question authority at all levels except of course…the authority of the professor and the expensive textbook.

The reason Catholic universities, on the whole, are more injurious to Faith than secular ones is that there is an expectation that a Catholic University is going to reflect the teachings of the Catholic church and will faithfully reflect these teachings in the campus environment as a whole. This rarely happens.

Freeing young minds from the rigid fundamentalism of the Catholic Church and accepting the ideas of the sexual revolution and all the attendant perversions where all done in the name of academic freedom.

This global house arrest too shall pass. But the choice of where to go to university—or not—will remain

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