Resist “YEAR ZERO” Aka the Great Reset

In this video, I summarize the many examples of lies that surround us and assail us, and points to the antidote. There is a saying attributed to Malcolm X that he probably didn’t say, but is nonetheless true:”If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

Topics Covered

  • Herr Doktor Klaus Schwab’s New Years’ Day epistle to the world, in which he declares, “2021 should be the year of the great reset.”
  • Schwab is also now calling for 2021 to be a new Year Zero. “Year Zero”  should ring a bell because that’s what the murderous communist dictator Pol Pot rename the year 1975 when he took over the country and ushered in one of the worst genocides in human history.
  • The set up includes unconstitutional and unscientific social distancing, clearing out hospital wards for crowds that never arrived, wearing a literally facial diaper,  watching church services on your laptop, witnessing the world’s highest spike in severe anxiety and suicide, watching your parents and grandparents die alone in retirement centers.
  • Schwab claims, the free market model “has broken down. While Covid-19 delivered the final blow, it has been clear for at least two decades that the post-war model is no longer sustainable, environmentally or socially (owing to today’s sky-high levels of inequality.”
  • All of this is the ushering in a brave new world order,  a Big Brother utopia George Orwell never dreamed of.  (Actually, he did dream of it in his prophetic novel “1984.”)Schwab’s three-pronged plan of attack on normal, non-radicalized, non-billionaire, people. When someone identifies “the devastation of war” with a treatable, preventable, and largely non-lethal virus, you know they’re lying.
  • How and why he literally called a predicted cyber-attack a “pandemic.”
  • Christian civilization may be in tatters but it can be restored.  And not with a great reset, and not built back better: but with a resurgence of reasonable faith and the awareness that politics depends on culture and culture depends on religion.
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